T Sullivan

Lights, Camera, Action

These time lapse images show T Sullivan Engineering erecting circa 120 tones of steel work for Vinci Construction on a IHP project.

The steel work installation took place at roof level on the five storey concrete frame, which is currently still under construction.  It will form the new Liverpool Life Science Accelerator which is in the northwest corner of the existing Royal Liverpool hospital in the city centre. 

Works are still underway as we complete various items of steel work and metal around the site. The contract had a number of challenges, but on this project due to the tight nature of the construction site, the logistical plan was critical for this phase. 

Deliveries where required "just in time" due to space being at such a premium. Pace was also critical so we were able provide large welded fabrications, delivered to site so they could just be lifted from our transport and set in place with minimal erection time required.

To this end we manufactured the flue towers which are approximately 9 meters in height and 4.5 tones each.